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Spring Snow Goose Hunt

Spring Snow Geese Hunting

Spring Snow Goose Guide

Spring Snow Goose Outfitter Info - Spring Snow Goose Hunt Info

Hi my name is John Neu. I am first and foremost a waterfowl hunter. I guide snow geese because I am a very passionate snow goose hunter.  I have a true love and respect for snow goose hunting and waterfowling.  I consider myself a life long learner of the sport.  Our first priority is to give you a successful and fun hunt that will make you love this sport as much as we do. That said, let me tell you about our guides and  hunts. 

Spring Snow Goose Hunt
Spring Snow Goose Hunt

My guided hunts are performed by myself and my guides, all of whom are respectful and professional snow goose hunters.  We have been honing our hunting skills for spring snow geese since the conservation season began in the late nineties and waterfowling for years before that.  We all share a common goal of having as much success and fun on hunts as we possible can.  We have an enormous amount of experience between us hunting snow geese and will do everything we can to get you on birds.

We hunt SE and NW Missouri, NE & SE South Dakota in February through mid April. Our hunts are performed in grain fields and ponds.  We have had good success in past years in which we average right around 25 birds per field per day.  This being said, we have good days and bad.  Sometimes we'll shoot 50-100 and others we have shot in single digits or zero. 

I recommend you come for a 3-4 day hunt and you will decoy birds and see alot of birds.  Our full day hunts run from one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset and a half day hunt runs from one half hour before sunrise  to noon.   

We will normally run large spreads of custom Northwind decoys of approximately (2000 decoys). We use a high quality electronic caller with very good clarity and volume. You will be hunting out of Final Approach and Hitman Blinds.

We have a video of the spring snow goose hunt, please contact us for a copy.

Spring Snow Goose Hunt
Spring Snow Goose Hunt

Spring Snow goose season on the Dakota prairie has seen the extremes of a cold snowstorm to 70 degree weather. We encourage you to be well prepared with proper clothing. Sun, rain, snow, heat, and cold - we will be hunting.

Dress in warm layers with moisture wicking synthetics and/or wool. Wind and rain is conquered with outer clothing lined with Gor-Tex.

A pair of good, warm waterproof boots or two will serve you well. You will also want to bring a camera, any food or drink you will want out in the field.

I recommend you bring two to three boxes of shells per day of 2 ¾ inch to 3 ½ inch 12 gauge 1 or BB steel or non-toxic shot.

We have plenty of references if requested. We also have a video of a two day hunt available from last season.

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Neu Outdoors is a spring snow goose outfitter offering spring snow goose hunts in South Dakota and Missouri.

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