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Spring Snow Geese Hunting

Spring Snow Goose Guide

Snow Goose Hunting Safety

The Snow Goose Hunt over decoys is indeed a great sporting challenge. You may be firing quite a few rounds each day.

We require your gun be on safe and pointed in a safe direction unless you are ready to shoot the shotgun. Regardless of type of gun used, we expect nothing less than perfect gun handling etiquette. With your safety of highest priority, the guides will enforce this. At all times guns will be pointed away from any living thing. When carried into the field, guns will be pointed up, never to the side, never to the ground, and never to the rear.

All shots will be taken up into your shooting zone which will be explained by your guide. Ground shots are never allowed. Birds on the ground belong to the dogs. Very simply, if there is even the slightest chance you do not have a safe shot, do not take it. You are going to see so many birds; there will always be another.

For everyone’s sake, always think and practice gun safety. You will never forget an accidental discharge of a shotgun, and you will have a lifetime of nightmares should that discharge have struck a fellow hunter or dog.

We are going to have a safe hunt; we are going to enjoy a great hunt!

Spring Snow Goose Hunts

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